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Crypto Mining: Is It Helpful In Making The Earth Green With Each Passing Day?

Cryptocurrency, Guide - Olga - April 9, 2022

One of the things said by most crypto mining critics around the globe is that mining is increasing energy consumption and cooking the earth up. Many people are throwing in their doubts and scrutiny that Bitcoin mining uses non-renewable energy sources, aka fossil fuels. But as per many data records out there, it is seen that other data centers across the globe tend to consume ten times more energy than the Bitcoin mining industry. 

Mining moving towards renewable

As opposed to what scrutinizers are saying about mining and energy consumption, there are many proofs that crypto mining is now using renewable as its fuel. As per reports, 30 percent of the energy consumption of the mining industry is now fuelled by renewable energy. One of the biggest concerns with mining is that it leads to carbon emissions responsible for increasing the earth’s temperature. But with using renewable energy, the emissions are lowering with the computing power and energy usage. One of the biggest pros of using renewable by the mining companies is that they make energy companies produce more renewable energy. It can be used by not only the mining companies but also by the general people out there.

How can renewable profit miners?

Now using renewable energy sources is highly useful for the earth as it helps reduce the harm. But, this can be beneficial for the miners as well. The miners can get a better margin on the mining process as they will be spending less money on energy; fossil fuel is much more expensive than renewable sources of energy. Also, fossil fuels tend to have volatile pricing as they will be affected by external factors. Also, many companies are now using energy-efficient hardware like mntd miner helium. 

Many things entail when the mining companies start using renewable energy. Not only will it help increase miners’ margin. But it will boost the production of renewable energy that the locals can use. 

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Best Cryptocurrency For You To Mine Using GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

Cryptocurrency, Guide - Olga - January 24, 2022

A beginner may get confused over choosing one with the huge variety of cryptocurrencies to mine in the market. One also needs to understand that not all the cryptocurrencies you can see in the market are profitable. If you are using GPU to mine the crypto, there are some specific currencies you will mine without too many complications.

So if you aim to get your hands on the best cryptocurrencies to mine using this processing unit, here is a list. You can also use kadena home miner, which will take your mining experience to new heights.

Best Cryptocurrencies You Can Easily Mine Using GPU 

  • Bitcoin 

If you are familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency, there is no chance you have not heard about Bitcoin. The best part about this digital currency is that it can be mined using a Graphics Processing Unit. Mining such currency will allow you to make payments without letting others know about it.

  • Bitcoin Gold

If you are looking to mine a currency using GPU instead of ASIC, Bitcoin gold can be the one for you. You can make payments in the easiest way possible. You can also mine this currency using a simple computer offering the biggest advantage to the new miners.

  • Ethereum 

If you want to mine and make payments without disclosing anything about yourself, Ethereum is the best one. It has its programming language running on a blockchain. It has proven to be one of the best digital currencies you can mine with the Graphics Processing Unit. 

  • Dogecoin

While discussing the best cryptocurrencies to mine using GPU, one can never forget Dogecoin. It has been proven to make the whole calculation of the mathematical equations much easier. You can mine this digital currency on the PC as long as there is GPU. 

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