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Flagpoles: a short discussion on purchase and installation

Decoration - Olga - January 25, 2022

Flagpoles are poles designed specifically for permanent installation on the ground through a special underground base made of reinforced concrete. Thanks to this type of installation, it is possible to expose the flags even in extreme environmental conditions. This is the main feature that distinguishes flagpoles from freestanding advertising flags.

Flagpoles VS self-supporting flags

The self-supporting flags are available in numerous shapes and sizes (rectangular, drop, sail, triangular, fin) and are generally composed of fiberglass or aluminum rods depending on the model. These flags are very easy to assemble and transport. The flagpoles are instead made of anodized aluminum, suitably sized and made resistant to atmospheric agents. The flagpoles are available in different heights. The quality and safety of these flagpoles are certified according to ISO 9001.

Besides the size of the flagpole, you can also choose other characteristics

First, the rope can be internal or external. Access is free with the external cable while a lock in the case of the internal cable protects it. Another optional for the Lipumastid is represented by the rotating flag arm, which can be fixed, or hoist able. The flag arm is generally used to allow flags to remain stretched. As far as institutional flags are concerned, flag arms are usually not used in order to let them fly with the gusts of wind. The aluminum flagpoles, despite their large size, are easy to assemble.

Installation of flagpoles for flags

Dig a hole in the ground with a diameter of 60 cm, a depth of 80 cm and pour 10 cm of gravel. Insert the tube in the center. Fill the hole around the pipe with concrete. Before the concrete has solidified, it is necessary to check the verticality of the installation. Engage the flagpole sections. Insert the tip. Install the rope. Secure the cleat with the self-tapping screws provided. Only when the concrete has solidified is it possible to raise the flagpole. Cover the concrete if necessary.

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