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Tips to Attend Buddhist Funeral Ceremonies

Home and Family - Olga - October 27, 2021

There’s no denying that funerals for Buddhists can be difficult and confusing. However, the questions and concerns you might have gone beyond the ceremony itself as it can be hard to know what to do or say in Buddhist culture. So, here are a few tips to help you understand Buddhist funeral ceremonies and make the most of your time in the Buddhist culture.

  • Dress Modestly

There are many Buddhists in the world; in the country of Indonesia, the number is about 87% of the population. The remaining 13% are mostly Christians, Hindus, and other religions. To attend a Buddhist funeral ceremony, you should remember to dress modestly – beige or white clothing is best. Women should cover their shoulders and cleavage.

  • Prepare Yourself

Try not to show that you are nervous or nervous; try to speak with a low voice and avoid any movement that may be too obvious. The best time to talk is when it is quiet. Do not talk during the procession: once everyone leaves the house, it is time for silence and moving. Listen carefully to the priest, music, or chanting – this will help you understand what is happening in the house, whether it is time for food or activities.

  • Donations, Gifts, and Cards

Buddhist funerals are expensive, so donations of money or goods are always appreciated. Make sure to present your donation together with the card given by the Buddhist temple or priest. For example, three packets of cigarettes, three glasses of beer, two bottles of liquor, and one bottle of whiskey is a reasonably acceptable donation. However, if you bring two bottles of liquor, one has to be for the monks.

Many people might not be aware of the major aspects they must consider while visiting a funeral ceremony. Still, no worries, as the information mentioned above can help you better understand the major tips. Once you consider all the tips, you can quickly attend a Buddhist funeral without any doubt or query.

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