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Different Things You Can Perform On Hidden Wiki Platform

Guide, Internet - Olga - February 2, 2022

We will discuss different things you can perform on the hidden Wikipedia platform. The topmost one is the search engine indexer. It appears a crawler that queries a data set and then indexes it to make the data accessible to search engines. The second one is spidering, a program that crawls through other websites collecting information from them for storage in a database.

  • You can also use this Wikipedia as a mail server to send and receive emails. If your configurations are good, there is no chance for any hacker to track your system.
  • The hidden Wikipedia contains several services, including ssh, IRC, torrent tracker, etc.
  • There are many different open-source clones of this Wikipedia available on the internet. You can visit them to learn more about this.
  • But one thing is to be noted that if you are going to use a clone of hidden Wikipedia, make sure that it is checked many times to check its authenticity.
  • You can do an online search on google and find these hidden Wikipedias. You should also check their code regularly to know if they are fake or not. This is because if you use a fake clone of the wiki, you will increase your vulnerability.
  • If you want to search for something, then go to its category and click on the search button to do the same.
  • The best part about this wiki is that it has no ads and doesn’t track your activities too.

You should know that there are many phishing websites available on the internet. These websites can steal your personal information and then use them for doing illegal activities. So, it is very important to stop visiting these websites in order to keep your information safe from hacking.

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